Zelijah x Ernest Tenorio | LIVE @ SPECTRUM MANILA

OMG. Still got that #Sepanx over Spectrum Manila last March 05, 2016 at PUP Manila.This is how we, Zelijah and Ernest Tenorio, roll!For bookings and collaborations:www.djzelijah.commarketing@djzelijah.comFollow us on our social media accounts and Spotify Artist Profiles:Soundcloud: /djzelijahTwitter: @djzelijahInstagram: @djzelijahWeChat: djzelijahSnapchat: djzelijahWavo: /djzelijahSpotify: http://bit.ly/ZelijahSpotify===============Soundcloud: /ernest-tenorioTwitter: @TenorioEjInstagram: @ernesttenorio Snapchat: @ernesttenorio

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ZELIJAH | Live @ T7

I just went crazy last Saturday night. Thank you everyone who went to rave and dance with us last Saturday night at Temptation 7: Snow Music Festival.FREE DOWNLOAD: http://soundcloud.com/djzelijah/junoviphttp://soundcloud.com/djzelijah/junoviphttp://soundcloud.com/djzelijah/junovipFor more updates: Zelijahwww.djzelijah.comFor bookings and collabs:marketing@djzelijah.comSoundcloud: /djzelijahTwitter: @djzelijahInstagram: @djzelijahWeChat: djzelijahSnapchat: djzelijahWavo: /djzelijahSpotify: http://bit.ly/ZelijahSpotify==========More Info:Zelijah is a Producer/DJ/Hypeman from Makati City, Philippines. Battle of the Beats 2015 Finalist. Featured in EDM Philippines' uprising artists for 2016. He is a member of Sora Nation, an international organization of producer/DJs. He has released more than 10 tracks available on iTunes, Spotify, GooglePlay, Shazam and other online streaming apps and sites. He has been invited to perform in various events for headline acts.Zelijah is currently being coached by Ian Sndrz, a local Producer/DJ affiliated to Big Fish International and is the only local artist who was able to share the stage with Hardwell and friends. Zelijah is a student DJ at Club Haze, The Fort Strip, BGC, Taguig City. [Thursday and Sunday night]Zelijah has also performed with Manila's Top-Paid and known DJs/Artists: Ace Ramos, Marc Marasigan, X-Factor, Katsy Lee, Ron Poe, Deuce Manila [Patty Tiu], Loonie, Ron Henley, DJ Buddah, Skusta Clee, Bea Valera, Hale, Chicosci, Tanya Markova, Mayonnaise, and Soapdish.Supported by: Jenil, Ian Sndrz, and Curse & Bless

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ZELIJAH | Panglao Adventures

Thank you Panglao Party for having me invited to perform a live DJ set at Panglao Island, Bohol. I had a lot of fun! It was nice meeting a lot of new people and of course trying new things like underwater diving.Music: Heaven Is A Place On Earth (Zelijah Remix)Available for Free Download.Additional Info:Zelijah is a DJ/Producer from Makati City, Philippines. Battle of the Beats 2015 Finalist. Featured in EDM Philippines' uprising artists for 2016. He has released more than 10 tracks available on iTunes, Spotify, GooglePlay, Shazam and other online streaming apps and sites. Zelijah has also performed with Manila's Top-Paid and known DJs: Ace Ramos, X-Factor, Jade Hartman.Genres: Progressive House, Big Room House, Dutch House, Trapstep, Trap, Jungle Terror, Future House, Bass HouseUpcoming EP: Again | Agony x Pain [March 2016]Upcoming Album: BAES [May 2016]www.djzelijah.comSoundcloud: /djzelijahTwitter: @djzelijahInstagram: @jedlsfWeChat: djzelijahSnapchat: djzelijahWavo: /djzelijahSpotify: http://bit.ly/ZelijahSpotifyFor bookings and collabs:marketing@djzelijah.com

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ZELIJAH | Our Story [Preview]

It's been a month and a half since my girlfriend, Ninia, passed away. I could say I feel better now but still I miss her smile, her eyes, her laugh, and every little thing about her. This is a track I made and dedicated to her. I wrote the lyrics all by myself right from the heart. I also decided to have my own voice into it so I could fully express myself. I rarely make or produce tracks like these but for someone I deeply love, I would and I did.Attached below is the complete and detailed story of our relationship wherein I had this as a caption to one of my previous videos.[Video Link]:https://www.facebook.com/jedlsf/videos/vb.100003202162321/875145792602151/?type=3&theater"I once told myself to never love and take someone seriously ever again because of the excruciating pain my previous relationship caused me a year ago (October 2014).On the 12th of December 2015, everything changed. I met this one girl who eventually made a difference to my life. Since the very first minute I saw her, I felt something really different about her. It's something I couldn't just simply explain. It could be just an infatuation, or maybe lust or probably neither but I know, from that day on, I can say I already love her.The next following week, I decided to ask her out on a date. I will never forget that very first date we had atGreenbelt 3. We get to talk about a lot of things andwe were able to get to know each other deeply as well. It's funny how I told her "You know what, sana di nalang tayo sa gig ko nagkakilala, sana sa Fully Booked nalang, sa mga bookstore or park, imagine-in mo, instead na magpapakilala ako sayo ng tipsy ako. I would be approaching you while I'm wearing a pair of nerdy eyeglasses and offer you a book and ask 'Doyou like Harry Potter *with matching kinky smile*?'"I won't forget how she laughed and smiled at me when I told her that.And of course, I won't forget our first long walk within Ayala. I told her nga that time "Let's walk nalang since malapit lang naman and it's night time hindi mainit, para kunwari ako si Landon, ikaw si Jamie, A Walk to Remember."Then she had no clue inikot ikot ko lang yung route namin along Ayala Ave. and Gil Puyat Buendia parahumaba at mas makasama ko siya ng matagal before I take her back to her place at Cavite.On our second date, we went near her place naman so I had to research a couple of recreational places and restaurants. She didn't actually want to go for such dinner dates pero I always insist kasi I wanted to bedifferent from all the other guys and I told my self that I will never stop proving myself to her. (Just some of my basic man principles in life.)After dinner, she told me she had to go to a friend'shouse for a birthday party so I insisted na ihatid na siya as far as I remember, that was in Pacific Woods. And so I waited for her at the park inside the subdivision without her knowledge and then nung paglabas nya that time, I was there following her like a creep and surprised her. She asked me "Bakit hinintay mo pa ako, ang layo pa ng byahe mo pauwi?" then I answered back, "I don't usually wait this long, 4 hours to be exact, pero if I know someone is worth waitingfor, I would, and never regret it. Plus, I want to make sure na makakauwi ka ng safe." then I took her to anearby place where we could have our midnight snack before ko sya ihatid pauwi. What's so attractive about her, aside from her undeniable beauty, is that nakakasundo ko sya whenever we get to talk about politics, religion, theories, science, ideas, concepts, news and everything deep about ourselves.One night, I started a deep conversation with her.I asked her "Ninia, what do you think about me? us rather? Kasi for me, I think I've really fallen inlove with you, kasi my way of determining if my feelings are true is kapag hindi ko maexplain yung feelings ko sa isang tao, it means totoo yun, like now, pag tinatatanong ko sarili ko, bakit ba kita gusto at mahal, di ko masagot."It took a few minutes for her to answer my question "Di ko alam Zef eh, I'm just afraid of getting hurt again, lagi nalang kasi" she answered with teary eyes.I replied "Look at me, please. I want you to look intomy eyes. Do you think, I would do the same sh-t your ex did to you if I myself knew the feeling of being hurt and replaced. I've been through that sh-t and I don'twant it to happen again. Mukha lang akong g-go atplayboy well dahil siguro sa lifestyle ko, people are stereotyping us DJs, pero trust me, I always mean what I say, I may look like a f**k boy, but I ain't one."And that was the night where we took our relationship to another level. From that night on, I always get to have her on my priority list. Given the fact that I have regular DJ training sessions at Club Haze, Fort Strip BGC, I could still manage to travel all the way from Fort to Kawit right after training. Yes, that's how I value and allot time for her. Our usual hangout spot was at Freedom Park near the Aguinaldo Shrine, just a couple of blocks away from her place.*The premonition*2 days before the tragic accident took place, as usual, we went to the river-side of Freedom Park. We had another deep and emotional conversation that time.She was crying habang sinasabi nya how she lovesher dad, her sister and the rest of her family. She asked me "Zef, okay lang ba na once a week na lang tayo magkikita or siguro twice a month?" I answered back "Why? Ano meron? Is it because of your parents or what? I can face them naman, if you want, let's start from zero, I'll ask for your parents' permission."I gave her a hug kasi I felt something really strange that night.She wouldn't answer and then nagkaroon kami ng mild na misunderstand and pagtatalo that moment so she walked out. After a few minutes, I realized how stupid and immature was that, so I ran and chased her. *ice breaker*Funny thing is, I was wearing a baseball cap, shorts and a pair of atheltic shoes that time so while running, napasabay ako sa evening jog ng elderly people and someone asked me "Bagong lipat ka lang dito iho? Ano pangalan mo?" I replied "Ay hindi po, may hinahabol lang po, sige po may hinahabol pa po ako"So there, nahabol ko, I took down my pride and apologized to her and asked her to eat because I know, food is always the answer. A friend of mine recommended "Hidden Tapsi" so sabi ko kay Ninia, "Do you know where Hidden Tapsi is? Masarap daw don." then she replied "Yep, malapit lang yun."(Anyway, thanks sa nagrecommend sakin na friend dun, sobrang cheap ng price pero sobrang sarap rin ng quality lalo na yung tenderness and pagka flavourful ng beef.)The rest is history and that was our last meal together...The day before the accident, I bought her a bar of chocolate since alam kong may PMS sya. I even prepared and wrote her a letter para kasabay ng chocolate. I asked her out if pwede magkita kami tomorrow sabi nya sige daw.January 16, 2016 | 11:30 pmI told her "I'm on my way na ah, Cavitex na ako. I have a surprise for you. Sorry if it's so late na, ayoko kasimagtravel ng rush hour, nawawala rush hour dito beyond 11 pa." Then she replied "May birthday pala kami pupuntahan. Sorry.. biglaan rin kasi kami sinundo."I don't even have any idea sino mga kasama nya but since mahal ko, I trusted her instead.Nagtampo ako nun, since di ko ugali na mamilit since I don't want to have the same mistake sa dati kong relationship dahil control freak ako non. I told her nalang "Sige, magiingat ka ah. I'll head back home nalang, sayang. Sagot ka sa phone calls ko and magreply ka."January 17, 2016 | 2:00 AMI decided to work on a music project that time para di ko nalang sya isipin. The anxiety in me arises around 2:40 AM pero di ko pinansin, biglang nag-flicker ng matagal yung AVR at lamp shade. Yung AVR, usually 220 V output nagflick left and right 150 - 220 parang metronome.Sunday afternoon, I went to Bacoor for a meeting with the event organizers and Ninia is part of the org, I heard Ninia's voice sa phone call when I called one of the organizers so I thought nandun sya. But when I got there, she's nowhere to be found. They told me hindi rin daw sumasagot sa phone si Ninia nor reply.Nag-worry na ako that time. A friend messaged me stating that Ninia has passed away attached with a link to Inquirer's online news article "6 Dead in Tagaytay City car crash"I read the whole article and at first hindi ako naniwala na that was her kasi the name was "Ronalyn" so I thought baka ibang tao or relative so I texted her "Please reply, please tell me you're not dead. Please."Until, another article came, with her ID attached and her name corrected.I don't know what to do from that moment on.Di ko maexplain yung nararamdaman ko. I never wanted to cry that time kasi my younger brother was around pero di ko napigilan. Tears began to fall as I recall of every memory of us, from the very first day I met her up to the very last moment we shared together.I was blaming myself, sana pinilit ko nalang sya sumama sakin, edi sana magkasama parin tayo ngayon. Well, all I can do now is to accept it. If you only knew my plans for the both of us. There's one thing I will never forget.Remember that time na sobrang problemado ka.I told you "Don't worry, kahit anong mangyari, as long as you're with me, you're safe. I'll be your guardian and protector." and then you answered back "Ako naman, I'll be your most supportive girlfriend. Nandito lang ako pag kailangan mo ng support. Susuportahan kita salahat ng gusto at pangarap mo sa buhay."I hereby promise that I will do everything to succeed in life. I'm going to do this for you. I won't give up on life and I will make you so proud of me.I would still give and bring with you the chocolate and letter I made for you and also the first-ever Zelijah shirt na lagi kong sinusuot at ako lang meron, na gusto mo at nag-promise ako na bibigay ko sayo.I love you, Ninia.It will always be you and me;Our memories will last and shall never fade up high.We're a perfect melody and harmony.Our music will live forever and never die."Truly yours,Josef============================Download the track for free:https://soundcloud.com/djzelijah/robepstoryhttps://soundcloud.com/djzelijah/robepstoryhttps://soundcloud.com/djzelijah/robepstory============================Support Zelijah:Soundcloud: /djzelijahTwitter: @djzelijahInstagram: @jedlsfWeChat: djzelijahSnapchat: djzelijahWavo: /djzelijahSpotify: bit.ly/ZelijahSpotifyFor bookings and collabs:marketing@djzelijah.comwww.djzelijah.com

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